The design of your blog has a much more
significant influence on your reader
than you probably think. It not only
presents your theme but also helps you
to stand out from the crowd. If it is
done correctly, your blog design makes
people stay on your site longer and has
a pleasing influence on your audience’s
attitude towards your content.

To get ahead in affiliate marketing you
need to be creative, tactical and
strategic, a rare combination of
character traits. By studying and
signing up with John you will gain an
understanding of how it all falls in place.

That’s why I suggest that you take a look at what
P2S is all about and what he offers.

Affiliate marketing is a unique field
and it meshes well with blogs. Arguably
the closest thing to being pure marketing,
yet it lends itself to entrepreneurial
enthusiasts (Like Me). As an affiliate marketer,
you’re taking someone else’s product
such as John Thornhill, promoting it,
and getting paid based on your ability
to generate sales. The better you can
market your offer the more you sell. It
sounds like a simple formula and it is.

The majority of affiliate programs are
sale-based (77.8% with 22.2% lead
based). Sale programs are ideal for
affiliate marketing when the
transaction occurs online. It allows
for the tracking that is behind every
affiliate marketing campaign to
attribute commissions to the affiliate
who drove the sale.

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