If you have visited John Thornhill’s sites before, you have probably seen other articles about affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for instant success, then affiliate marketing is probably not for you. It requires time, ongoing activity, planning, patience, and dedication. That’s why John’s course Partnership 2 Success is so important in making us successful. He teaches everything you need to know to be successful and he is a great motivator!

Some affiliate marketing training for beginners wants you to believe that affiliate marketing is a “get rich quick scheme”. It is not and I would look into training materials that are not overpriced. You are in the right place, you have found that training!

You’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates, one of the most popular affiliate programs to join. Amazon Associates is an example of a branded affiliate program. In other words, you can look up your favorite companies and brands and sign up for their affiliate program to promote products and services they sell. But why go there when you have one of the best affiliate programs around, John’s Ambassador program will have you on your way to making some real Cash!

One big question looms after it is all been said and done: “Why do I want to be an affiliate”? That’s an easy answer! “Because I want to make MONEY!

This Blog is the beginning of becoming an affiliate and YES! Making MONEY!

Next article I will continue with Blogs and The Affiliate, so for now take care and don’t be afraid to contact me with your questions or comments.

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